Sports Premium

PE and Sport Provision: September 2015 – July 2016

Sporting allocation: £8297

Approximate spending: £9731

The following targets have been identified to improve the quality of PE at Park Primary School. Some of the Sporting Premium has been used towards achieving these aims.

1. To provide opportunities for children to try different sports

2. To improve the class lessons through CPD for the teachers

3. To improve the resourcing to enable PE lessons to be more enjoyable and easier to teach

Current PE Provision

  • All teachers teach PE for 2 hours a week
  • PE resources have been rehoused in new cupboards in the hall and in the back playground
  • An audit of PE resources showed deficiencies in some equipment which has now been replaced
  • All year 5 pupils have a course of 10 swimming lessons
  • A series of 5 gymnastics lessons by a gymnastic coach in the Autumn Term
  • A series of tennis lessons for Year 3 run by a tennis expert
  • A series of cricket lessons through the Chance to Shine scheme for Years 4, 5 and 6
  • Children in Year 4 had a short course of 4 lessons for familiarisation
  • Dance CPD enabled teachers to improve their teaching of gymnastics and dance
  • PE lessons taught to Years 5 and 6 by specialist teachers from The Connaught School (Sept to end October and May to July)
  • Wooden climbing train replaced outside Year R as the old one was rotten
  • Inter-house football competition for KS 2 run by Connaught students

After School Sport

  • Aldershot Football coaching for KS 2 children once a week
  • Girls Football run by a parent once a week
  • Gremlin Dance for KS 2 pupils once a week (Autumn term and May to July)

PE Outcomes

  • The school is very well resourced with outdoor and indoor games equipment
  • The teachers are proficient in teaching dance
  • Children have had the confidence to take part in football, multi-skills, running, cricket, netball and orienteering competitions over the year