Name Governor Role Term as Governor Expires
Mark Stacpoole Chairman Co-Opted 12/06/2017
Alice Nixon Vice Chairperson Parent Governor 22/09/2017
David Armstrong   Clerk to Full Governing Body  
Tom Moore   Co-Opted 12/06/2017
Alan Rowland   Parent Governor 27/04/2019
Emma Grant   Head Teacher 01/09/2021
Lauren McNiven   Acting Deputy Head Teacher 01/06/2017
Mark Sugden   Co-Opted 09/12/2018
Julie Ann Taylor   Parent Governor 25/11/2020
Helen Jones   Parent Governor 25/11/2020

Committees and Names Governors of Governing Body

Resources (Finance and Personnel)
Mark Stacpoole  
Mark Sugden 
Alan Rowland
Alice Nixon
Clerk to FGB
Raising Standards Alice Nixon (Committee Chairman)
All Governors
Clerk to FGB
Chair of Governors Mark Stacpoole
Vice Chair of Governors Alice Nixon
SEND Governors and Support Medical Conditions Tom Moore
Literacy Governor (And Able Children) Alan Rowland
Numeracy Governor (And Able Children) Mark Stacpoole
Safeguarding and Child Protection Governors LAC/Vulnerable Tom Moore
Alice Nixon
Safer Recruitment and Accredited Governors Tom Moore
Development and Training Liaison Governor (DTG) Mark Sugden 
Equality and Inclusion and Extremism  Mark Stacpoole
Pupil Premium and Sport  
Induction Mentor Alice Nixon
Assess Impact of Policies  
SMSC/British Values Mark Sugden 

The Governing Body meets at regular intervals throught the academic year and has established two committees with delegated responsibilities as defined in The Committees Terms of Reference.

If you have an issue you would like to raise with the Governing Body you can send an email using the form below.

Your email will be read by a member of the governing body and you should receive a reply within three working days

Alternatively you can send a letter to the Chair of Governors, via the School Office:

Mr Mark Stacpoole
Chair of Governors
Park Primary School
Gloucester Road
GU11 3SL

If you have a grievance please refer to the School Complaints Policy before contacting the governors

Governor's Business Interests                                                          


Name of Business


  • Governor at another school, if so please   detail
  • Married or related to a staff member (include   name)
  • Employed at school
Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date of appointment or acquisition Date of cessation of interest Date of Entry
Alan Rowland           22/06/16
Alice Nixon           22/06/16
Emma Grant Park Primary School Head Teacher        
Lauren McNiven Park Primary School Acting Deputy Head Teacher        
Mark Stacpoole           22/06/16
Mark Sugden           22/06/16
Tom Moore St Michael’s Junior School Hampshire Junior School Chair of Governors     22/06/16
Helen Jones           25/11/16
Julie-Ann Taylor           25/11/16